Phila•Test HIV 1/2

Phila•Test HIV 1/2

Introducing the game-changing Phila·Test HIV 1/2 Rapid Test – a rapid diagnostic test kit that's proudly South African, developed and manufactured right here in our country! Our test kit is built on Mintek's use of locally sourced gold nanoparticles, a true testament to our commitment to leveraging our natural resources to contribute to the development of our country.

Thanks to a dynamic partnership between Mintek and the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI), the DSI/Mintek Nanotechnology Innovation Centre (NIC) was established in 2007. This centre was dedicated to exploring the potential of South Africa's mineral resources in areas such as healthcare. Using the research that emerged from the NIC, we were able to develop a quality, easy to use rapid diagnostic test kit.

Our Phila·Test HIV 1/2 Rapid Tests are manufactured in a facility that holds SAHPRA, WHO, and ISO 13485 accreditations. This means that you can trust our product to deliver accurate results with speed and precision. So join us in the fight against HIV by choosing Phila·Test – the proudly South African solution to HIV testing.

Quality Policy

Mintek is committed to the development, manufacture and delivery of safe and effective products for its stakeholders.  

To achieve this we:

  • Conduct all our business in line with the statutory obligations, applicable quality standards and relevant codes of practice
  • Through Senior Management, provide strategic direction with respect to quality and will provide the necessary resources, education, training and environment to achieve the quality goals
  • Implement a quality management system that is documented, regularly reviewed and continually improved to ensure the delivery of safe and effective products to healthcare professionals and patients.
  • Manage and effectively oversee all third parties carrying out work on behalf of Mintek.

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