Mineral Processing

Mineral Processing


Mintek’s Mineral Processing Division improves the South African mining sector through research, development and innovation in physical-chemical mineral upgrading processes and technology.  The objective of mineral processing is to produce maximum value from a given raw material and to derive value from unexplored and sterile resources thereby maximising resource utilisation.

The Mineral Processing Division provides a diverse spectrum of service offerings such as metallurgical optimisation solutions, assessing technology innovations and pre-concentration of material for downstream operations.  The Division works closely with the industry and is at the forefront of providing solutions that support exploration, growth and sustainability. 

The metallurgical solutions offered include recovery of minerals from a large variety of ores.  This is achieved through use of desktop studies, laboratory, pilot plant operations and numerical simulation studies.

Mintek’s Mineral Processing Division provides solutions for the pre-concentration of commodities that are of economic and strategic importance to the country, most notably PGMs, gold, iron ore, chrome, uranium, titanium, industrial minerals, base metals and rare earth elements.  Although Mintek works on various research areas across different commodities, the main research themes have been accessing and processing of low-grade and complex ore bodies, developing water and energy efficient processes and technologies.  Mintek is therefore vital in ensuring the sustainability of the SA mining industry through leading technology innovation in mineral liberation and separation.