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Mintek scientists host math quiz for sharp young minds


In a move that underscores Mintek’s commitment to excellence and impact in the science, engineering and technology sector, Mintek scientists ran an invigorating math quiz for over 200 sharp, young minds. The quiz, which took place on Monday, January 15, 2024, was part of the Moshal Program Boot camp which ran from January 11 to 17, 2024.

The programme aims to empower determined and resilient students from diverse backgrounds and schools across South Africa, providing them with opportunities to pursue sought-after university degrees and fostering soft skills and values crucial for successful careers.

The quiz, which consisted of three intense rounds, offered students a platform to test their mathematical prowess as our scientists took them through multiple sets of diverse and thought-provoking questions, challenging the students in a friendly yet stimulating manner.

Dr Katekani Shingange, a materials science researcher at Mintek, expressed excitement at witnessing abundant talent in the country, particularly from challenging and disadvantaged backgrounds..

“It was an exciting experience to be in the presence of young, bright minds during the quiz. The quiz presented a fascinating challenge, essentially a game of how quickly one could arrive at a solution to a given problem. Mathematics, being rooted in logic, made it particularly intriguing to witness the diverse approaches employed by the scholars in reaching solutions,” said Dr Shingange.

Dr Shingange’s sentiments were shared by the Moshal Program Country Manager Nokuthula Zama, who said Mintek’s quiz will contribute in helping their programme build strong academic foundations while fostering a sense of community among the students as they transition to University.

“The Moshal Program’s boot camp is centred on building strong academic foundations and to foster a sense of community amongst the learners to assist with the transition to university. The Mintek quiz enabled students to test their understanding following the intensive Maths sessions they had over throughout the boot camp and their ability to work in a team, contributing to building the Moshal Program community of students.”