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Mintek congratulates Dr Mehdi Safari on his NRF C1 researcher rating

Mintek is proud to celebrate Dr Mehdi Safari for his well-deserved recognition as a National Research Foundation (NRF) rated C1 researcher, marking a significant achievement in his career.

Research stands as an essential pillar in driving forward substantial advancements that have positively impacted society. The NRF rating system serves as a valuable benchmark for evaluating South African researchers on a global scale. Dr Mehdi Safari's attainment of a C1 rating is a testament to the quality and impact of his research outputs, earning him praise and congratulations from Mintek.

Reflecting on his achievement, Dr Mehdi Safari expressed his gratitude, viewing the rating as a 'significant milestone and affirmation' of his established position as a researcher. He emphasised the broader implications of this recognition, highlighting its importance for both individual researchers and their affiliated organisations, such as Mintek.

"Achieving an NRF C1 rating is a significant milestone for both the individual researcher and their organisation, in this case, Mintek. For the researcher, it represents a prestigious acknowledgement of their sustained record of productivity and the high quality of their work. This recognition not only validates the current research strategies but also sets a benchmark for future endeavours, fostering an environment where cutting-edge research thrives and contributes significantly to the global scientific community," said Dr Safari.

Dr Safari, currently serving as the Head of Flotation at Mintek's Mineral Processing Division, has established himself as one of the leading figures in minerals processing. His extensive knowledge, experience, and international recognition in chemical engineering and mineral processing make him a valuable asset to the field.

"This rating is a milestone that marks a significant point in my career. It opens doors to new challenges and collaborations, allowing me to expand my expertise and influence in mineral processing, which I am passionate about," remarked Dr Safari. His passion for minerals processing stems from a deep-seated curiosity about the earth's hidden treasures and the intricate processes involved in transforming raw materials into valuable commodities.

Driven by a desire to innovate in ways that enhance efficiency, sustainability, and environmental stewardship, Dr Safari sees immense potential in his field to make a tangible impact on resource management and contribute to a more sustainable future. His dedication to advancing the field of minerals processing reflects his commitment to excellence and ongoing contributions to scientific research and development.