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Mintek Board Reappoints Dr Molefi Motuku as CEO

The Mintek Board has announced the reappointment of Dr Molefi Motuku as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mintek for the next five years.

Mintek has been under Dr Motuku's stewardship since 2019 and has during this period remained committed to driving development and inclusive economic growth through mineral innovation. Notably, Mintek's technologies are now utilised in over 60 countries, reflecting the global impact of its advancements.

Dr Thibedi Ramontja, Chairman of the Board, expressed unwavering confidence in Dr Motuku's continued leadership. He emphasised Mintek's dedication to advancing technological frontiers, fostering global collaborations, and contributing significantly to sustainable development in the minerals sector.

“Since assuming the role of CEO in 2019, Dr Motuku has played a pivotal role in reshaping Mintek's trajectory, aligning our focus and capabilities to be in harmony with the industry's evolving needs, as outlined in the Mintek Strategy 2030. We are confident that, under his continued leadership, Mintek will ascend to new heights in the years to come,” stated Dr Ramontja.