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Mintek 2022/2023 Integrated Annual Report tabled

Mintek, the industry leader in mining innovation, has recently tabled its annual integrated report for the financial year 2022/2023 to parliament. The initiatives outlined in this report stand as a resounding testament to Mintek's unwavering dedication to advancing the mining value chain through cutting-edge solutions, spanning contract research, development, and innovation.

Dr Molefi Motuku, Mintek's CEO, underscored the pivotal role of Mintek's resource base in driving technical research, a cornerstone for propelling the growth of the minerals industry. Dr Motuku commented, “The financial year 2022/23 marked the second year of implementing Mintek Strategy 2030, which focuses on enriching our contribution to national priorities and advancing applied research and technologies for mineral-based industries.”

The report delves into Mintek's annual performance, offering insights into key research and development programmes, innovation initiatives, sustainable development projects, research outputs, performance metrics, and financial information.

Noteworthy accomplishments highlighted in the report include Mintek's strides in advancing sustainable mining, particularly through the iGoli™ process for responsible gold extraction. Additionally, the document outlines Mintek's pivotal role in supporting the industry through innovative solutions in heap leaching, unlocking significant value from ores.

Mintek's commitment to water resource sustainability is evident in its integrated solutions for mine effluents and impacted water, a crucial contribution to environmental stewardship. The report also details Mintek's advancements in industry technology, particularly in mineral processing, driving improvements in flowsheet design, milling efficiency, flotation technology, and process control.

Financially, the report reflects a commendable 6% (R38.8 million) increase in revenue, attributed to heightened sales of products and services, mine rehabilitation efforts, and a rise in state grants and interest income.

Dr Thibedi Ramontja, Chairperson of the Mintek Board, reaffirms Mintek's dedication to being a reliable partner to the minerals and metallurgical industries. "Mintek has risen to the occasion, demonstrating resilience and adaptability in pursuit of operational excellence and supporting the revitalisation of the mining sector," he remarked.

For those seeking a deeper understanding of Mintek's accomplishments and initiatives, the integrated annual report covering the period from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023 is readily accessible through the Mintek website. This transparent disclosure reinforces Mintek's commitment to accountability and stakeholder engagement.