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Mintek’s mineral processing expertise puts South Africa...

Mintek reaffirmed its commitment to partner with the mining industry in developing and expanding, new and existing technologies that can solve the industry’s mineral processing challenges during the 24th Annual African Mining Breakfast seminar held in Canada on 7 March. 

More than 21 African countries, including mining companies, attended this seminar during the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) annual convention to promote mining investment in Africa and trade and investment between Canada and Africa. Mintek participated in this seminar and exhibited at PDAC along with the Department of Mineral Resources & Energy to promote and attract mining investment in South Africa. 

Mintek's Group Executive for Mineral Processing and Characterisation, Professor Indresan Govender, spoke to mining investors about the capabilities and successes of Mintek's technologies, which have contributed to the growth of the mining industry in several countries. 

Govender explained how Mintek works in partnership with the industry, saying, "Mintek takes existing solutions and new solutions that are considered valuable to the mineral processing industry and tries to enhance the understanding to the largest scale possible until the process is sufficiently de-risked so that big mining companies can buy-in and adopt these technologies."

He highlighted the success of the Upper Group 2 (UG-2) reef, which has earned the mining industry trillions of dollars. The UG-2 processing technology was developed by Mintek jointly with the industry around the late 1970s and has provided the industry with means for large-scale treatment of UG-2 or over the past four decades.

Govender also spoke about Mintek's role as a partner in the industry, providing solutions for the future of minerals processing by highlighting expertise in solving current problems the industry faces. He said, "One of the key drivers of the mineral processing of the future is problems of declining ore bodies and increasing ore variability. This is coupled by a drive towards using carbon emissions, sustainable water usage, through recycling and reuse of water."

Govender stated that by partnering with Mintek to solve these problems, the mining industry can benefit from Mintek's expertise in mineral processing solutions.