MINTEK@90 Conference

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MINTEK@90 Conference

Gearing the Industry for a Sustainable Mineral Future

11-12 November 2024

Welcome to the MINTEK@90 Conference, a momentous celebration of 90 years of Global Excellence in Minerals.

The MINTEK@90 Conference, in partnership with the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (SAIMM) and the Department of Minerals and Energy, commemorates 90 years of Mintek's significant contributions to mineral and metallurgical innovation. This conference will not only celebrate Mintek's impressive legacy but also undertake a thorough exploration of the future trajectory of the minerals industry.

The conference will place particular emphasis on cultivating a sustainable mineral future by closely examining prevailing industry practices. This scrutiny extends beyond operational considerations to assess a broader impact on enterprises, local communities, the workforce, and the environment. Through this comprehensive analysis, the conference aims to contribute to the development of responsible and forward-thinking approaches within the minerals sector..

The event serves as a significant platform for industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders to convene, share insights, and collaboratively envision the future landscape of the minerals and metallurgical domain. Through meaningful discussions, presentations, and knowledge exchange, the MINTEK@90 Conference strives to be a catalyst for positive transformations, ensuring that the minerals industry evolves sustainably and responsibly for the next decades and beyond.

Mintek@90 Conference Sub-Themes

The Mintek@90 conference sub-themes aim to address critical aspects of the minerals industry's journey towards sustainability, providing a comprehensive and insightful exploration of challenges, innovations, and opportunities.

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  • Renewable Energy in Mining

    Exploration of innovative applications of renewable energy sources in industry operations

  • Fuel Cells

    Examination of the role and advancements in fuel cell technology within the industry, aiming to reduce environmental impact and improve energy utilisation.

  • Energy Storage

    Discussion on various energy storage methods and their applicability in operations, emphasising sustainable and efficient storage solutions.

  • Hydrogen

    Exploration of the potential of hydrogen as a clean energy source in mining processes and its impact on reducing carbon footprint.

  • Energy Efficiency

    Analysis of strategies and technologies to improve energy efficiency across operations, minimising resource consumption and environmental impact.

    Exploring ways to optimise energy use and reduce environmental impact in milling and pyrometallurgical processes



  • Water impacted by mining activities

    Strategies and technologies for treating water impacted by mining activities, ensuring responsible water management and minimising environmental harm.

    Discussion on effective mine rehabilitation practices to restore ecosystems and promote environmental sustainability.

  • Asbestos Rehabilitation

    Exploration of techniques and best practices for the responsible rehabilitation of areas impacted by asbestos mining.

  • Water management

    Examination of sustainable water use practices in mining operations, addressing conservation and responsible water management.

  • Carbon emissions

    Strategies and technologies to reduce carbon emissions in mining processes, contributing to global decarbonisation efforts.

  • Environmental, Social, Governance

    Discussion on the integration of environmental, social, and governance principles into mining practices, ensuring responsible and ethical industry standards.

Unlocking Resources - Ways of the Future:

  • Sustainable Extraction from Low Grade and Secondary Resources

    Focus on sustainable methods of extracting minerals from low-grade and secondary resources, ensuring responsible resource utilisation and reducing environmental impact.

  • Future of Critical Raw Materials

     Exploration of strategies and technologies to secure a sustainable supply of critical raw materials, addressing challenges and opportunities in their extraction and processing.

Advanced Materials

  • Advanced Materials

    Examination of advanced materials with a focus on value addition.

    Discussion on advanced techniques for extracting and beneficiating critical raw materials, ensuring responsible and sustainable sourcing.

  • Energy Materials

    Exploration of materials used in energy-related applications with a focus on sustainability and efficiency.

Emerging Technologies

  • Machine Learning and AI

    Exploration of the applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence in the mining industry, aiming to enhance efficiency.

  • Process Modelling

    Examination of advanced process modelling techniques to optimise operations, ensuring sustainable resource extraction and utilisation.

  • Process Control

    Discussion on innovative process control technologies to improve the precision and effectiveness of mining processes, minimising waste and environmental impact.

  • Digital Twinning

    Exploration of the concept of digital twinning in the mining sector, emphasising its role for better monitoring, analysis, and optimisation.


Human Capital Development for the Future Mining Industry

  • Discussion

    Discussion on the role of universities in shaping the future workforce for the mining industry, including curriculum development and research collaboration.

  • Exploration

    Exploration of post-university training programmes and initiatives to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and industry requirements.

  • Analysis

    Analysis of ongoing training programmes within the mining industry to upskill and develop the workforce for future challenges.

  • Strategies

    Strategies for attracting and retaining talent within the mining sector, considering the evolving needs and expectations of the workforce.


Mintek@90 News

Announcing Mintek@90 Conference

Join us for a remarkable milestone as Mintek, South Africa's foremost mineral and metallurgical innovation research council, celebrates its 90th year of groundbreaking contributions to the industry.

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Mintek is proud to announce the MINTEK@90 Conference, scheduled for the 11th and 12th of November 2024. In partnership with the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (SAIMM) and the Department…